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dfbb75score:4.0 / 52021-08-01
It's possible to settle in many times. It is worth recommending. Great location. Next to it is Lan Kwai Fong. But in the old city of Guangzhou.
lilionlinescore:3.0 / 52021-08-01
cxim20score:4.3 / 52021-07-31
Specially booking hotels on Shamian Island, high cost performance. good location, facing the Pearl River, opposite the White Swan Hotel was under renovation. to fully experience the sand concession of old buildings, this is a good choice.
pingapplescore:5.0 / 52021-07-28
Great location for this price. sand is very beautiful.
jasmin0601score:4.5 / 52021-07-28
Yesterday, looking for a long time, call the hotel, keep looking for the White Swan Hotel, but we first go to the where to find White Swan, landmark does not mean that we think the same way you think it is! more mosquitoes, bath is small, the key is location
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