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The Guangdong Youth Hostel (Guangdong Etan Binguan) is located near Shamian Park just a stone's throw from the Pearl River. The property enjoys convenient transport links with easy access to Metro Line 6.

Wi-Fi access is available in public areas. Business travelers can make use of on-site meeting facilities to host events or conferences.
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  • ottercat
    Hotel is located in the foreign consulates in Guangzhou, is the core of port 100 years ago, when 13 rows out of the Pearl River at the junction of two rivers, environment is a tourist spot, is worth living.
  • caoyuliang
    Hotel location excellent. Although street but naozhongqujing. room amenities, clean up clean sand tour area in which it resides, is the original concession.
  • lilian922
    Good location, the external environment, convenience store downstairs, close to overseas Chinese in the United States, Tao Xuan, and Western-style food?, early afternoon dinner shouldn't be a problem, OK! hotel is old but clean, well than you thought, beds comfortable, peaceful sleep tonight, really good!
  • anglelicy
    All right
  • Georgeluo1979
    Great location, convenient, hotel taste super good
  • dajun0322
    Good, good location
  • lijiajia415
    Environment, health, and service were very good. quiet!
  • e01830289
    Clean and comfortable, nice
  • lord110
    Hotel location is very good, Shamian Island, surrounded by European-style architecture, the environment really well. from the Pearl River is also very near, walk a few steps to the River, surrounded by hotels, easy to drink tea in the morning. the room is not large, but clean and tidy.
  • ldw209
    Many times staying hot. great location. the price is right. next to Lan Kwai Fong. River is close
  • e01671303
    History of casual elegance
  • niuniuwawa
    Locations can be, others don't look forward to on the line
  • lucentwen
    Hotel very clean environment is good across the sand next to the Park can also see Pearl River Chinese beauty and Tao Xuan can eat is a bit small.
  • liutiltmann
    A good environment, good location, health can, service is good, the only thing where there is no car park, parking was disputed at the time. in General is recommended!
  • lsrenjie
  • laoyuan8125
    Hotel room is a bit small, but it feels good and is near the old building, from the nine close
  • linyun20206226
    Good? traffic is also convenient, there are three main choices here are standard rooms
  • lwx110
    After long reviews ... ... But the location is really good! morning sand no visitors to the noisy, very leisurely. delicious restaurants around is also very much
  • paulo80333
  • eljim
    That's good
  • ewing2000
    Cozy environment, old furniture, shower water, bathing very comfortable
    Rooms can be quiet. Around
  • oasisyang
    Good, quiet, sand key cultural relics unit complex in the country, a beautiful environment, fresh air and quiet. next to White Swan pond, the White Swan Hotel ... very quiet.
  • ceair500261860
    Good location, in the Center region of sand, room amenities also said in the past, more economical and faster, but their position here, sometimes late at night in the evening there will be noise, sound insulation effect is not very good.
  • dionalex
    The location the price the room was not too high, so the facilities inside almost almost
  • FrancesJ
    Room is a little old, bed only a metre wide, location is good
  • sunlys88
    Nice room toilet around bad even for guests
  • maomaoxi
    All right
  • linyuejun
    Geographical environment is good, the hotel was very old, very old
  • jingmj
    Very good, in particular in
  • gracelilan
    Location on Shamian Island, the early either on the turn or the river around the island are very good. Only 5-storey adjoining the River Room see the Pearl River. Hoang Sa Wharf to the West of the island, the footbridge out of the island there is a metro station and bus stop, walk to shangxiajiu pedestrian street is more than 10 minutes. From the sand very close to the fish market and seafood health; we live in 8 days, hotel servicesSays is the minimum guest room bed 3 days, including replacing the sheets were not clean, informed and then replaced. Services, plastic slippers and paper slippers, but no dirty paper slippers instead of new. Room good wireless signal
  • lin.nil
    Hotels on Shamian Island, a beautiful environment, facing the Pearl River. Room was small, the beds very small, cheap hotels arranged. price/performance is not very good. Service good.
  • pingapple
    Great location for this price. sand is very beautiful.
  • lgm1112
    It has 3rd live nice, is the hotel staff were not finished, noisy
  • jane881013
    Very convenient, nice, is to first night on the 3 floor, sleeping when we can hear the voices of the downstairs bar was kept, interfere with sleep, later transferred to 5 would be nice!
  • ccewig
    Have always liked the surface of the sand environment, quiet and fresh air. in Shamian island in the hotel, room, not noisy at night, too. Windows high above the ground, so the light is not very good, toilets, shower water is also very comfortable.
  • merrymayinan
    No exclusive parking spaces, stop to rest for the night to 50. toilet and shower in the bathroom, space is relatively small, satisfaction, service was good.
  • bestban
    Good location, elegant environment. health clean, next time will stay
  • coverr
    Cost-effective, good night.
  • robin46
    It's not bad,
  • siren01
    Hotel is quite special, but the room was so large, long taste. other good.
  • New Manderine
    See its location, to business zone of Chen ancestral temple and is very convenient, MRT is also helpful and worthwhile experience. environment in terms of, as you say, quiet elegance, service great.
  • doudou9623
    Hotels geographical location is very good, beautiful surrounding scenery. front desk very professional enthusiasm. less than that hotel space is too small, the facility is also very simple. If just to view just for the night, all this can be ignored. because the environment is too great.
  • Deiweidi
    Sand surface environment is really good, but the hotel room is too small, bathroom even smaller.
  • e00065676
    The decoration of the hotel is quite old, large room, bed was 1.8 meters, covers clean, complete with alternate covers, bathroom small, wood furniture is very good, the wardrobe comes with a safety deposit box. overall was good, Shamian is outside the park where the Pearl River.
  • Annie_ma0726
    Good location, small is the bathroom, overall nice
  • FUJIYA09
    The room's too small, looks fairly comfortable, bed is large enough, is the room small
  • gdm0732
    Surrounding environment is very good, but the hotel is relatively long history, health can only be said, no smell, but the quilt, toilet, towel find bits and pieces of a few long hairs hanging, heart suddenly feels ill, hoping to improve, after all, here are the attractions, can live in the sand to not want to live outside the Comfort Inn
  • WTT009
    Great location! facilities obsolete. bathroom too small. this price accounted for a geographic location.
  • bin8188
    Room is small, great location, very close to the Metro