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The Guangdong Youth Hostel (Guangdong Etan Binguan) is located near Shamian Park just a stone's throw from the Pearl River. The property enjoys convenient transport links with easy access to Metro Line 6.

Wi-Fi access is available in public areas. Business travelers can make use of on-site meeting facilities to host events or conferences.
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住客评论 779条评论     4.3分/5分 更多
  • yujing_853
    Nice is not helpful staff at the front desk.
  • cats cats
    Good environment, good spirits
  • fangjia1223
    All right
  • DUO Dad
    Good peripheral environment, and convenient transportation. but rooms dated. However this price only the standard
  • renfei
    It wasn't too bad
  • WUMX2008
    Tranquility in quiet environments are particularly good, a kind of paradise feeling
  • e00217859
  • daisypeng1983
    Nice Hotel Home
  • merrymayinan
    No exclusive parking spaces, stop to rest for the night to 50. toilet and shower in the bathroom, space is relatively small, satisfaction, service was good.
  • aurorapen
    Surprise, originally in the sand
  • bing_guo
    Are the attractions at River. is really towards the river and see the River because the building does not look slept late effects time to play outside like any other location can be
  • alabeicmb
    Good surroundings, hotel elegant, simple. like a garden.
  • aiyoyoguaiguai
    Surrounding area had no say, Shamian Park next to the hotel is an old-style European buildings. transportation was convenient. rooms, fully equipped, refrigerator, safety deposit box, hair dryer. is the room smell great, hope to improve.
  • BJ visitor
    Equipment and facilities for the price.
  • e01830289
    Clean and comfortable, nice
  • e02322684
    Good location, facilities, but worth the price!
  • ceair500261860
    Good location, in the Center region of sand, room amenities also said in the past, more economical and faster, but their position here, sometimes late at night in the evening there will be noise, sound insulation effect is not very good.
  • pingapple
    Great location for this price. sand is very beautiful.
  • junyyao
    Very good location, in the sand, the morning and evening can come out for a walk and enjoy the House construction, photos to enjoy!
  • Paulowen
    Environment is very good, near the pile of Western-style buildings, not far from the Mall, 10 minutes walk to. is getting up in the morning, found the curtains a big cockroach, scared to death! clean rooms, where visitors?
  • ljeva060921
    Very convenient, nice, is the first night stay at 3/f, sleeping when we can hear the voices of the downstairs bar was kept, interfere with sleep, later transferred to 5 would be nice!
  • alan1314bell
    Lot is an acceptable price. the environment is beautiful, though small was clean and tidy.
  • andylaw1025
    Clean, convenient, front desk was very polite, very good
  • coalabb
    The surrounding environment is really excellent, also very human breath, but also needs to improve the environment and facilities of the room.
  • Anlaa
    Island environment is very good, quiet people. There are many old buildings around, and slowly, slowly going. in addition, Shamian Island, also a lot of Nice food. ETAN Hotel both breakfast and tea around, staple food there are many to choose from, the quality is also high.
  • e01465064
    Shamian hotel is very old and the rooms are small but the environment as a whole can be ignored where the bed was very comfortable and quiet are easily
  • Annie_ma0726
    Good location, small is the bathroom, overall nice
  • e00065676
    The decoration of the hotel is quite old, large room, bed was 1.8 meters, covers clean, complete with alternate covers, bathroom small, wood furniture is very good, the wardrobe comes with a safety deposit box. overall was good, Shamian is outside the park where the Pearl River.
  • candy_love2000
    Good location, clean, just not so good that toilett and shower is togethet, but for the price and location good
  • andy_xw
    Price, expensive. small bathroom area
  • lucentwen
    Hotel very clean environment is good across the sand next to the Park can also see Pearl River Chinese beauty and Tao Xuan can eat is a bit small.
  • VoyageFu
    A very good environment, the surrounding landscape is very beautiful
  • beijinggongwei
    Surroundings beautiful, convenient, every time I'm staying in Guangzhou.
  • jumpxu
    Yes, good
  • ewing2000
    Cozy environment, old furniture, shower water, bathing very comfortable
  • gca098
    Nice surroundings, good air, is a little noise in the morning. could be near the Park, who leads for morning exercise.
  • stevenruby
    In the sand around the island is very beautiful, the hotel is also very good
  • dfbb75
    Settled many times. is recommended. great location. next to Lan Kwai Fong. However in the old city of Guangzhou.
  • liyinan_1017
    Good, clean and refined atmosphere of the hotel, Guangzhou, service attitude, and drying clothes at the yard, located in the surroundings or in the sand, there's a convenience store,?!
  • e03032805
    Good location just opposite the White Swan Hotel, Shamian Park parking. play sand easily. hotel is also good, slightly old but very good quality facilities. customer service is very nice and the front desk ... only downside is because from a car park near quiet enough, the night was also chatting and vehicle horns. If given the chance to play in Guangzhou will come later.
  • lord110
    Hotel location is very good, Shamian Island, surrounded by European-style architecture, the environment really well. from the Pearl River is also very near, walk a few steps to the River, surrounded by hotels, easy to drink tea in the morning. the room is not large, but clean and tidy.
  • yanping19880913
    External environment not said. price acceptable. that comes into the room, and ventilation was, because the opposite is a residential building, not convenient to open the window.
  • catwu1231
    Once again, and as always, good! is the rise in price than the last!
  • ljtmljtm
    Which is very nice
  • EFDJason
    Next is an ancient building from Poland is close to the Consulate! good
  • e00648002
    The room was so small, but anything, wife can also be connected, the boss good, just a bit of background
  • beilou
    Good surroundings, shangxiajiu pedestrian street for about 10 minutes.
  • annymcleod
    Hotel check out is also good, there is a barber shop on the first floor is good, hotel has no restaurant, but left a lot of very good restaurants, Tao Xuan Fu is good, and Chinese cuisine.
  • nana1975
    Associates locations can also be more convenient than ordinary Inn is a little better feel of the surrounding environment or good service also very good next time consider
  • E05446093
    Close to the edge of the Pearl River, in the sand, has a retro feel, but hotel facilities some of the old, walking in sand, 150 years ago in China, revolution has not succeeded yet, comrades should still work hard.