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The Guangdong Youth Hostel (Guangdong Etan Binguan) is located near Shamian Park just a stone's throw from the Pearl River. The property enjoys convenient transport links with easy access to Metro Line 6.

Wi-Fi access is available in public areas. Business travelers can make use of on-site meeting facilities to host events or conferences.
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住客评论 735条评论     4.3分/5分 更多
  • catwu1231
    Once again, and as always, good! is the rise in price than the last!
  • ljtmljtm
    Which is very nice
  • EFDJason
    Next is an ancient building from Poland is close to the Consulate! good
  • e00648002
    The room was so small, but anything, wife can also be connected, the boss good, just a bit of background
  • beilou
    Good surroundings, shangxiajiu pedestrian street for about 10 minutes.
  • annymcleod
    Hotel check out is also good, there is a barber shop on the first floor is good, hotel has no restaurant, but left a lot of very good restaurants, Tao Xuan Fu is good, and Chinese cuisine.
  • nana1975
    Associates locations can also be more convenient than ordinary Inn is a little better feel of the surrounding environment or good service also very good next time consider
  • E05446093
    Close to the edge of the Pearl River, in the sand, has a retro feel, but hotel facilities some of the old, walking in sand, 150 years ago in China, revolution has not succeeded yet, comrades should still work hard.
  • nini206
    Guangzhou almost always choose to stay, very quiet at night, room was very clean and tidy, only drawback is traffic around inconvenient, distance from Metro station
  • davy1221
    Small but very clean
  • E02321129
    Hotel on in sand surface four Street, from Metro sand station d mouth out, to left Shang Street, Xia to 623 road, had arch bridge to right go not far on to has. hotel is unlikely to, room also also line, is clean, WIFI, slippers, wash supplies and so on the some are has. hotel location is good, out walk, is trees-lined, continental building groups of sand surface Island, has vehicles access, but and across of outside completely different, no so more noise and dust, feel life rhythm are slow has Xia. Sleep at night is quite quiet. and good staff attitude, the door in the morning met a Cantonese greeting ' morning ', make people feel very warm. overall is recommended.
  • fe8776
    Quiet place to high cost performance!
  • ginasc
    Hotel in quiet environment, and convenient transportation. easier to earn
  • ajpan
    Price is right but the room environment is not too ideal
  • eggplant13
    While facilities in some old, but very clean and very intimate, like the hotel, much better than hotel, stay triple room, space was good ... staff is very good!
  • pien751
    All right
  • cc2328
    Well ... good.
  • e00941178
    Overall on the way.
  • dajun0322
    Good, good location
  • dajjian
    Elegant environment, fresh air, can stay in a
  • lwb2010
    Settled many times. is recommended. great location. next to Lan Kwai Fong. is the facility among older
  • Bleurlunar
    Is a very comfortable hotel facilities is very simple, but everything in place, sand small environment is invulnerable.
  • Jason D
    Bathroom a bit small and the shower and toilet not partition, shower water, services and health are good, especially the bourgeois surroundings, atmosphere is very quiet!
  • Alanson
    Overall it's not bad! recommended
  • wbysw
    Hotels on Shamian Island, small space is a reasonable use of space
  • abing0314
    Pretty good going
  • wuyunxin
    Good location of the hotel is the attitude of staff
  • cy327
    Which is very nice
  • benloveyi
    Location is an advantage, other General, we have a convenient, from the seafood market close!
  • gw_maggie
    Lovely, Invincible in Guangzhou this price. in my on Shamian Island, downstairs is the Tao Xuan, opposite the sand Park, quiet, then I will live!
  • jojobear1983
    Shamian island scenery fantastic. are European-style building. Pearl River Breeze especially intoxicating.
  • catcody
    Sand surface most cheap of hotel, Foreign Affairs do of guest house. around environment nothing say of, itself on is attractions, island Shang also has Consulate. service attitude very good, a floor rest district has specifically introduced around food of table brand. hotel facilities in Guest House grade inside can of. away from Metro station about ten minutes, out island had a bridge is, bus station more near a points. metro station is Mall, catering, supermarket are has. small things words, hotel downstairs is 7-11. shortcomings is toGuangzhou South and long long somewhat far, near of upper and lower nine also is Township, so location can is to which are somewhat not convenient. If wants to feel about old concession atmosphere, or is in old side public, is a make in the take static of good residence. If is parent-child long long, that on in long long North door there selected's, not like some people said of so desolate.
  • daisyao
    I like this
  • alasartraders
    Feeling is, relatively warm, surrounded by lovely
  • aypower
    Like the
  • superwin168
    Nice hotel value
  • lisa1906
    On its surface, look good, eat and play is also very convenient
  • sunwater007
    Good location, service. lived south of the River House. is you don't see Riverview. equipment. computers. WiFi ... but here is the parking lot. Swan decoration. so let out woke in the morning. This is a bit off
  • baybaymama
    From the cutter 15 minutes walk, nice area renovated, the best is still functional community, Shamian still had residents and Church Park sports ground in primary schools, and so on. hotel service is also very good, it is worth to go back
  • paulo80333
    Very good, very satisfied! da Mei Sha!
  • e03689370
    Hotel facilities are relatively old, but nice, hotels at this price price good. surrounding restaurants are convenient, tea has its special characteristics, surrounding buildings and the environment is characteristic, it is worth a play.
  • liaogou
  • agonis
  • foooltiger
    Rooms have old feeling, except tour Shamian convenience, others are so-so and the prices are normal.
  • marvinsun
    A veteran shop! nice. on Shamian Island, very petty. women shop ' provides a good service, good temper. around a languifang eat meals seafood is authentic Hong Kong-style. across the sand Park. store grows old No.
  • lulinan
    Room air is not good, the nose has been sensitive
  • moris0369
    Hotel is in the old building reconstruction on the basis of the location in the sand next to the White Swan, the surrounding environment good, needed a walk. rooms more spacious, bathroom layout does not make much sense; the first was too small, second toilet was placed in the shower area, first encountered this situation. overall, the price can be.
  • mjffen
    Clean, service at the front desk, public areas are designed with a sense of history, the bathroom small
  • Annabelle
    Very good in all aspects, price is really high, especially for the new year are not raising their prices, this is really good. as with all evaluation, the bad thing about the bathroom, toilet is installed in the shower, shower toilet will be wet, but cover the toilet would be better. We are a family of 4 staying, so call ahead to make sure what is this 2 meter bed, extra bed in this room it can indeed, so call the front desk notes. as soon as we got the room card, Open rooms, have been added to the bed, and the water is 3, and toiletries were 3 men. extra bed for only 50 Yuan. Most unsatisfactory point is that hotel does not have parking spaces, our car is just 22 hours 40 parking fee. New year's Eve nights, was actually a man downstairs who was drunk on alcohol, and very loud, long, depressing! is that we live by the River are also on this side of the road, if you live on the other side should be better, reallyIs a fortune!